ICYMI: ICO fine and Ashley Madison suspects

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Hefty fine issued over a lack of encryption and speculation over who is really behind the Ashley Madison hack.

To catch up on what was happening week before last check out our previous ICYMI on Ashley Madison and Plenty of Fish.

The Information Commissioner’s Office issued a £180k fine to money lending company The Money Shop after the loss of two unencrypted servers.

The servers contained both employee and customer data. One was stolen and the other was lost in transit but ultimately the responsibility lies with The Money Shop.

To read Mark James’ full thoughts on this story and for a general overview of the importance of encryption please click here.

Following on from our previous Ashley Madison coverage, Mark comments on two interesting theories concerning the true identity of the party or parties behind the AM breach.

John McAfee believes that the perpetrator is a “women operating on her own” who was an employee or ex-employee, in other words the much feared insider threat.

Whereas Brain Krebs believes that a hacker who goes by the name Thadeus Zu is either responsible, directly involved, or knows who is.

Both are theories and should be taken with a pinch of salt. The only thing that Mark is sure of is that there will be arrests at some point over this incident. Read more here.

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