ICYMI: A year of business breaches, Online shopping tips and much more

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Over the last fortnight we looked at the large number of breaches in 2015, some essential tips for online shopping, what businesses can learn from TalkTalk and some interesting new research from ESET.

Looking back at 2015 we’ve seen a large number of high profile businesses suffer quite serious breaches, endangering millions and millions of users personal information.

We saw TalkTalk, Ashley Madison and Carphone Warehouse suffer very high profile and highly publicised breaches, just to name a few.

Are we becoming desensitized to data breaches unless they’re in the high millions of users affected? Mark answers this and more here.


Online shopping safety tips


More and more people are doing their Christmas shopping online. That means that scammers will be out in full force trying to ruin your Christmas cheer.

Ensuring that your security software, operating system and other important programs are up-to-date is very important. Also ensure that any payment pages are secure by looking for “HTTPS” and a padlock in the URL bar.

You can find more top tips and important advice on this page.


Over 100,000 mobile phones and laptops left in UK bars each year


Some new research released by ESET highlights the issue that a staggering 138,000 mobile phones and smartphones are left in bars each year in the UK. Even more alarming is the fact that 64% do not have any security protection.

With the amount of personal information we now carry around with us on our various smart devices and electronics it’s worrying that people don’t take the security of their devices more seriously.

Even more worrying is the thought that some could be work phones with important company correspondence on them. Read the full press release here.


3 devices protected for the price of 1!


Until January 10th 2016 you can protect 3 devices for the price of 1! That means that you could use ESET Smart Security on your laptop, ESET NOD32 Antivirus on your PC, as well as ESET Mobile Security on your Android smartphone.

Even if you don’t have 3 devices to protect yet, you never know what’s waiting under the Christmas tree!

To find out how to take advantage of this deal, click here.

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