ICYMI: Mac malware and Yahoo malvertising

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Last week was a week of tech giants falling foul of malware and malvertising. Apple’s OS suffered two potential exploits which could lead to high levels of system control, while Yahoo was made to serve malvertising across its advertising network.

“But Macs don’t get viruses,” is no doubt a phrase you’ve heard once or twice. It’s the go to argument in the never ending PC vs. Mac battle.

That statement has never been true and this week has only served to highlight that.

Two exploitable vulnerabilities in Mac OS have come to light over the past fortnight. You can find out more here.

Internet titan Yahoo has been serving up some nasty ads of late. Specifically ads which direct users to pages rife with the Angler exploit kit.

Users are advised to watch out for unexpected attachments, watch what they click and keep essential programs and your OS of choice up-to-date.

For full details and commentary from Mark James, click here.

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