John McAfee announces security focused phone

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Olivia Storey

John McAfee has released the first version of the Privacy Phone, to increase security and privacy on-the-go.

With the freedom of access and connectivity that is inherent in modern smartphones comes insecurities. Many of the great features we enjoy every day leave a window open to let hackers gain access to your personal data.

John McAfee claims that the Privacy Phone combats security flaws that are present in a standard smart phone. The Privacy Phone is alleged to give the user power over their privacy, equipped with a bank of physical switches on the back cover to enable users’ to disconnect manually from certain components.

John McAfee explains that although tackling security issues, it is not completely hack proof, and that this is only version one.

We ask Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, about the effectiveness of introducing physical switches to put the user in control of their own privacy.

“Smartphones today are sadly susceptible to hacking.

“So many features and functions are automatic as we expect, we want automation and we like the fact that something just happens but the security implications of this are huge.

“If we are not sure or don’t understand the consequences of auto joining free Wi-Fi, or allowing any application to track your location, even when not using it then how can we be sure of our own security.

“All of these functions are switched through software, and software can be hacked, there is no better failsafe than a physical switch.

“Smartphones are used for different tasks, some use it extensively to order, store and manage their daily lives almost down to the minute, whereas some use them to keep an eye on what’s going on around them and store very little.

“So it stands to reason some people will require a much higher degree of security or indeed privacy.

“The concept of going back to “dip switches” for hardware functions in a world where we are forced into automation may just be the next “thing” and it will be right for some.

“It’s the choice that’s important, in a world where we are getting increasingly more aware of our privacy and what it means to leave it solely in the hands of others it’s good to have options.”


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