Lizard Squad: The Saga Continues

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Lizard Squad continue their battle against, seemingly, the whole world. First they shot back at claims they had been hacked and had user information relating to their DDoS service stolen. They also seem to have “hacked” Malaysia Airlines website.

Last week I tweeted out a story from fellow ESET blog WeLiveSecurity about Lizard Squad’s DDoS-on-demand service, Lizard Stresser, having been compromised.

Initially it was reported that the data was compromised after an attack on Lizard Squad but one of their key spokesman claims there was no hack.

According to this spokesperson the hacking collective was passing around the information in order to target high value users of their service, hoping that they re-used login information.

Go figure that signing up to a service run by an infamous hacking group might backfire?


Malaysia Airlines Attacks


The next chapter features the unfortunate Malaysia Airlines, who’ve had their fair share of trouble over the past few months.

As of Monday morning Malaysia Airlines website reads “404 – Plane Not Found” and “Hacked by Lizard Squad”.

Adding insult to injury, Lizard Squad have also threatened to release data from Malaysia Airlines.

A statement from Malaysia Airlines confirms that their “Domain Name System (DNS) has been compromised where users are re-directed to a hacker website.”

Although, they claim that their web servers are intact and the website itself is secure. The hack will apparently have no effect on bookings and user data is secure.

Is the data that Lizard Squad are threatening release just a bluff? I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

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Do you think Lizard Squad actually have data to release? Or is it just a bluff?