The trials and tribulations of old Operating Systems

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Using an old piece of software or Operating System cracks open a can of worms in terms of security issues, because sadly the older the system, the less compatible it is with newer fixes, patches and software.

If you’ve ever ignored an update request, or put off a new update for your electronic device, you could be putting yourself at risk. Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, expresses the woes, and danger, of using out of date, insecure Operating Systems.

“One of the biggest, underestimated problems for an old electronic device, are the vulnerabilities that will never ever be patched by Microsoft (MS).

“If you go out and purchase a Windows 8/10 Operating System then MS, regardless of what people say, will try very hard to keep you safe.

“They want you to be using the most secure up to date Operating System in the world, because at the end of the day, if it works with no problems then you will most likely stick with it.

“The negative PR backlash as a result of exploits and vulnerabilities, would be extensive and fairly damaging to the brand, so they will do all they possibly can to keep you safe: it’s in their best interest to do so.

“However, if you’re running the out-of-date 2001 Windows XP, then any exploits that are found or currently known will remain known and useable for all and anyone to exploit and spread, completely unchecked.

“Of course you can install internet security, be very careful what emails you open and what web pages you go to, but it’s like putting the most expensive locks on your 3-ply shed hoping that will keep its contents safe - it won’t!

“Updating your operating systems is not all about keeping Microsoft afloat, it’s one of the multiple layers required in modern day computer security. Think of it like the foundations for your nice shiny new house - any builder will tell you how important they are.

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