Version 10: Script-Based Attack Protection

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With the Version 10 release just around the corner, we delve into what new features the update includes and break down what Script-Based Attack Protection is, and how it protects your device.

ESET Version 10 launch is on the cusp of release and we are giving you a sneak-peek into what it will include. With our IT Professionals and Researchers working hard to make sure they are at the forefront of security and one step ahead of potential hackers, we are adding essential extra layers of protection.

Alongside improved performance and our award-winning virus detection rates we are introducing five new features in Version 10: Script-Based Attack Protection, Webcam Protection, Home Network Protection, ESET Secure Data and ESET Password Manager.

ESET IT Security Specialist, Mark James, takes us through the basics of Script-Based Attack Protection, why you need it and how it can protect your device.


What is Script-Based Attack Protection?


What Script-Based Attack Protection does is protect the user against a specific style of malware attack that is becoming more common: specifically, it blocks dynamic script-based malware.

A ‘script’ in computing terms allows you to execute a series of tasks or commands quickly without needing to manually click or type commands: what this means in practice is that once a malicious script takes hold it acts very quickly and without the need for interaction from an outside party.

Mark James explains, “with script, like JavaScript for example, being used in most browsers these days, it’s one of the most commonly used means to run, download or install malware. JavaScript on websites often runs automatically, without your prompting, and in most cases it’s a way for infection to successfully get into your system.”


What does it combat?


“Script can be used for many good things: running video, playing audio or just delivering an amazing web page that looks good, but it also can be used for bad. While its doing those cool things it needs permission to access different hardware and software on your machine, but if it gets compromised, it’s possible to install malware on your machine. Our software will look for script like activity and attempt to stop it in its tracks, thus protecting your web browsing and keeping you safe.”


Why is it important to protect your device?


“Because JavaScript needs permissions to do its job, there’s always the potential that if compromised it could download, install and run malware on your machine. It’s very hard for the end user to determine what’s happening in the background, that’s where ESET Script-Based Attack Protection helps. Our software will monitor what’s being run and executed, and attempt to stop any potential malicious script based activity before you get compromised.”


How it will run on your device


It adds an extra wall of protection and runs in the background constantly. If you come across an unknown malicious script, it will block it automatically, you will then see a notification pop-up with the option to let it run or block it completely.

Available with: ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security, and ESET Smart Security Premium.

If you’re looking forward to the launch as much as we are, but have any further questions please let us know via Twitter @ESETUK

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