Protecting Your Business with ESET Cloud Office Security

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With cybercrime skyrocketing during the coronavirus shutdowns, there has never been a more important time to secure your business from potential threats. Running a business is a complicated, difficult job even at the best of times, and so dealing with malware and phishing threats can make it that much harder.

However, with ESET Cloud Office Security (ECOS) protecting your employees, systems and data, the fight against cybercriminals can be more straightforward and easier. With spam filtering, anti-malware scanning and anti-phishing protection, ECOS is a service designed to help keep your IT environment clean and safe, and your business running as it should.


The ultimate combination

Providing the key tools that business owners need to protect their Microsoft 365 services, ESET Cloud Office Security reflects the contemporary role of email and collaboration tools within organisations, extending protection against threats to your cloud applications. ECOS is a business continuity guardian for modern organisations, offering the ultimate combination of spam filtering, anti-malware scanning and anti-phishing protection to keep your company’s communications secure, minimise unsolicited messages, and prevent incoming external email from being used as a channel for targeted attacks.


No spam, no distractions

Spam emails can be incredibly annoying for businesses because employees are often – unfortunately – easily duped. Even when employees have received extensive training not to give out their corporate emails needlessly, for employees to continue to ward off an unrelenting avalanche of spam can be time-consuming and distracting, leading to decreased productivity.

ECOS cuts down spam by filtering all incoming emails coming into an organisation’s Exchange Online service. This allows employees to focus on important tasks while maintaining everyday productivity. ECOS also offers comprehensive protection of Exchange Online against phishing and malware-laced emails.


Stopping the spread

ESET Cloud Office Security keeps your OneDrive clean and malware-free, which helps ensure your business can run as effectively and securely as possible. The anti-malware protection provided reacts to any file changes in OneDrive, keeping your file cloud storage safe and removing the opportunity for malware to spread to other devices. By quarantining detected threats, ECOS helps prevent cybersecurity incidents before they occur, keeping you in control and with visibility into all detections through the easily accessible cloud console.


An overview of cloud applications

With many moving to remote work, businesses are more likely to use multiple cloud applications, which could potentially lead to a time-intensive task of securing them all. With documents in OneDrive, emails in Exchange Online and the use of a range of other tools in Microsoft 365, there’s a lot to consider – and a lot for cybercriminals to target.

However, ESET Cloud Office Security includes an easy-to-use cloud console that gives an overview of quarantined items. ECOS also notifies you immediately when a detection occurs, empowering you to respond at a moment’s notice. Your own dedicated management web console is accessible anywhere, allowing you to stay on top of potential threats and in control of your business no matter where you are in the world.


Low maintenance, high quality

ESET Cloud Office Security allows you to take a step back from worrying about cybersecurity issues. New user mailboxes are automatically protected, so you can focus on welcoming new employees to your company. You are in control with immediate notifications of malware detections and visibility throughout the business via the anytime-accessible cloud console. Without the disruptions of spam, phishing and other email-based attacks, you and your employees will be able to do your best work, secure in the knowledge that you are safe and protected.


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About ESET 
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