Snapchat making people not update their apps

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Snapchat have redesigned their user interface and some users are stopping the app from updating to avoid getting the new look.

It’s fair to say that the new Snapchat user interface is causing something of a stir. So much so that some Snapchat users are avoiding the update in an effort to keep the old UI.

We’re not here to debate the pros and cons of a new Snapchat interface, we’re here to say that you should always keep your apps up to date.

As Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, explains, an app changing is not an excuse to give cyber criminals a potential vulnerability to exploit.

“There is one piece of advice that consistently makes its way to the top of the list, it’s almost “the” single thing that if everyone did would make the cyber space a better place: keeping your software (apps or OS) up-to-date.

“So many exploits and vulnerabilities require outdated software to work and if we could just do this one thing consistently we could make things so much harder for the bad guys.

“The app makers want you to use their offering, they want you to be safe and secure and have trust in their app to ensure it’s only doing what it should be.

“To do this they have to keep it updated, they will adapt and create new security features to ensure your privacy is kept and their reputation is flawless, but that requires some interaction on your behalf, you are required to keep these apps updated.

“If you decide to hold back for any reason you could be running later versions, they could contain vulnerabilities and thus you could be putting your privacy, financial status and identity at risk by not having the latest version installed,

“My advice would be to keep them updated ALWAYS, if you’re not happy about something make it known, contact the owners or look for like-minded groups to join and have your say.

“For apps to be popular the public has to install and use them, if enough users complain the makers will listen and may make changes but please do not jeopardise your privacy by NOT updating.”

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