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Cybercrime is constantly shifting and evolving, how can you stay ahead of the curve and avoid being hit by new and old malware?

Cybersecurity is a constant game of cat and mouse: malware researchers and security firms find a new exploit or vulnerability and close it down; malware writers and cybercriminals find or create a new method of attack.

Jake Moore, ESET Security Specialist, discusses how you can stay one step ahead of the criminals and protect yourself and your organisation from both new threats and old.

“The cybercrime market is constantly evolving. Typical tactics used by the creators of malware to spread infections are becoming increasingly harder to detect by antivirus products alone these days.

“Moreover, malware can go undetected for monthsbecause malicious actors always update, evolve and improve their tactics to avoid detection as much as possible as we have seen with large scale attacks such as with

“To enhance your security, businesses should be using modern anti-malware solutions focused predominantly on detecting new evolving malware.

“Threat intelligence software will identify threats and add value to cyber threat information by evaluating the context of its source and reliability. Network scanning is another great way to reduce the risk especially for applications commonly involving human involvement.

“Naturally, keeping your operating systems patched is a golden rule, but using an anti-malware program to filter your web traffic and block advanced malware threats is also a good idea.

“A proactive cyber security solution can detect and stop threats at different stages online whilst providing multiple layers of protection.

“Furthermore, there is always the risk of the possible insider threat. If someone becomes compromised in a position able to bypass or simply turn off antivirus and other cyber security products, there will always be a threat to organisations of all sizes that should never be overlooked.”  

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