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Mark James, ESET security specialist, guides us through some of his predictions for 2015, including wearable tech and even more mobile malware.

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We asked Mark James, ESET security specialist, what his predictions for 2015 are, in regard to Tech and Information Security.


Tomorrow’s World

1. “Mobile threats, especially Android, will become a lot more aggressive.”

We have already seen a rise in mobile malware towards the end of this year and it’s not difficult to imagine a steep rise next year.

It will be interesting to see whether privacy focused phones, like the Blackphone, will make a splash in 2015.

2. “As mobile payment options become more mainstream we will see a lot more attacks in this vector.”

We already saw exploits discovered in the NFC system of a few phones at a hacking event this year.

3. “Cybercrime will continue to increase, we will see more public data appear in the cloud with increased activity in specific targeted attacks on larger companies.”

On the cusp of 2015 hackers are already offering a “100% satisfaction guarantee” for stolen credit card information. Hacking as a service is here.

4. “2015 will be the year of wearable tech, which also means it will be a very rich piece of fruit ready for taking.”

The internet has been awash with stories about the latest smartwatch’s, at the moment they are fairly niche products but as adoption rises malware won’t be far behind.

5. “BYOD will continue to grow as devices become more powerful in their smaller forms.”

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