Why Cybersecurity is an important revenue stream for MSPs

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Get forecasting wrong, and you look pretty foolish. Get it right and you can look pretty cool. We’re hoping to be seen as achingly cool when we say that cybersecurity, along with the cloud, aisre going to be the two biggest money-spinners for MSPs.

There. We’ve said it. Let’s just hope we don’t look like these three forecasters. First up is the then CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, whose prediction about the first iPhone went like this, “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share” he said in 2007, “No chance”.

The prediction must rank right up there with TV weatherman Michael Fish who, thirty years ago, confidently reassured viewers that no hurricane was on its way. Just a matter of hours later the country was battered by the greatest storm witnessed in three centuries.

And finally, spare a thought for the executive at Decca records who rejected the Beatles in 1962 telling the band’s manager Brian Epstein, “the Beatles have no future in show business.”

As we said, get a forecast wrong and you look pretty foolish. But we’re confident that that’s not going to happen here. Why? Because there is a growing ‘culture of security’ that is rippling out into every corner of society (from national borders to residential homes) and every size of enterprise (from large-scale to SME).

That in turn is driving unprecedented levels of expenditure on IT security products and services. Consider this statistic. The managed security service market in the US was worth $17.02 billion in 2016, but is expected to almost double by 2021 to $33.68 billion, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.6%.

Figures for the UK are not far behind these so for any MSPs that are not currently offering these products they are missing out big time. And jumping on to this particular bandwagon is so easy. The ESET MSP Programme offers MSPs the chance to climb aboard at practically zero cost and in practically no time at all.

We’ll leave you with one final forecast. Robert Metcalfe was smart enough to invent the Ethernet cable in 1995 but daft enough to make this prediction, “I predict the internet will go spectacularly supernova and in 1996, catastrophically collapse.” Nice one Robert.

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