How to Onboard New Customers with ESET in Less Than 5 Minutes

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What can you do in less than five minutes? Boil an egg. Listen to a music track. Run a mile (OK. some of us). Sign up a new customer. This last one probably seems a bit farfetched compared with the others, but it’s true.

And as speed of response is one of those factors that customers use to decide between security vendors then it’s worth understanding just how it works.

Be warned though, this will be a short blog.

Step 1.  Offer your potential customer a free trial of one of ESET’s comprehensive range of security products.

Step 2. If they are satisfied, convert your trial to a paid license instantly.

That’s it. There’s not much more we can add as it really is that simple. And that could make a big difference to your business because although onboarding new prospects and customers is one of the most important things you can do to increase sales, it has been known to be one of the hardest. Get it wrong and you have - literally - got off on the wrong foot with your new customer. Wrong-footed as in back-peddling as well as running hard to recapture lost trust.

MSPs enrolled into the ESET MSP Programme thankfully don’t have to indulge in any fancy foot work. They offer their customers a free trial and if satisfied, convert them into a paying licensee immediately.

The important word to note here is ‘immediately’ as in, convert a prospect into a customer ‘immediately’ and, start billing them ‘immediately’. ESET’s ‘daily billing, monthly invoicing’ feature means that your customers are charged a licence fee from the minute you click the button marked ‘I am now a customer so bill me’. (OK. So we made this bit up, but it really is that simple).

Less than five minutes. That’s probably all the time it will take you to order a celebratory drink at the bar too.

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