ESET Announces Integration of its ESET PROTECT Platform with Elastic’s SIEM Solution

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  • ESET integrates its ESET PROTECT Platform telemetry into Elastic’s SIEM to offer enhanced detection and response for businesses.
  • The integration, based on ESET PROTECT Platform APIs, offers high-quality threat detection with low false positives and minimal system impact, ensuring efficient prevention and system integrity.
  • Clients of ESET and Elastic will benefit from enhanced and automated alert verification processes, access to global telemetry in real time, and actionable insights to defend against increasingly complex threats.

BRATISLAVA – May 1, 2024 ESET, a leading cybersecurity company, today announced the integration of its ESET PROTECT Platform with Elastic's SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) system, enhancing business security through cutting-edge detection and response capabilities. This integration is set to transform security operations by providing unparalleled insights and facilitating swift action on cyber threats through the streamlined ingestion and analysis of telemetry data from ESET’s endpoint products and XDR.

The Elastic SIEM platform allows organisations to gather, archive, examine, and display data related to security from a range of sources in real time, offering a complete perspective of their security status. ESET PROTECT Platform offers businesses of all sizes the most comprehensive, AI-native threat prevention  and response capabilities, in combination with expert human analysis and comprehensive threat intelligence. The collaboration between ESET PROTECT and the Elastic platform enables the collection of telemetry from ESET endpoint products and XDR, ensuring a proactive security stance.

By integrating Elastic SIEM with the ESET PROTECT Platform, organisations can significantly improve their alert verification processes. This integration automates the analysis of alerts, reducing the time and resources required to identify genuine threats. It filters out false positives efficiently, ensuring that security teams can focus on addressing real vulnerabilities and threats, enhancing the overall security posture. Threat hunters gain access to more comprehensive data and advanced analytics, and they are equipped with insights to operate at scale. Once a threat is detected, the integrated system can initiate predefined response protocols, minimising the response time to incidents. This capability not only reduces the potential impact of security breaches, but also streamlines and automates the overall incident response process, ensuring a swift and efficient resolution to threats.

“In the current digital environment, organisations are confronted with an increasing array of advanced cyber threats. There's a critical need for robust solutions that facilitate the real-time monitoring and detection of security incidents, empowering organisations to react swiftly and efficiently,” stated Trent Matchett, ESET Director of Global Strategic Accounts. “Our joint customers now have at their disposal a powerful combination of ESET's advanced prevention and detection capabilities, and Elastic's analytical strengths, setting a new standard for proactive security operations.”

ESET Inspect acts as the XDR-enabling module of the ESET PROTECT platform, delivering breach prevention, enhanced visibility, and remediation. ESET Inspect is a comprehensive detection and response with rich features such as: incident detection, incident management and response, data collection, indicators of compromise detection, anomaly detection, behaviour detection, and policy violations. For more information on ESET Inspect, visit here.

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