ESET recognised for ‘near perfect’ solutions in industry tests

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A series of recent awards and reviews have further highlighted ESET’s commitment to protecting enterprise customers, following reports from both AV-Comparatives and SE Labs.

ESET Endpoint Security & ESET Remote Administrator (now ESET Security Management Center) was recently certified “Approved Business Product” by AV-Comparatives. In July 2018, as part of AV-Comparatives independent testing, the organisation published its half-year report containing the results of its Business Malware Protection TestBusiness Real-World Protection Test and Business Performance Test.

The report, which publicly evaluated 16 vendor’s products, tested and reviewed ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Remote Administrator (now sold as ESET Security Management Center). AV-Comparatives testing found that ESETs products exceeded all requirements, scoring a protection rate of 97.8% in Malware Protection and 99.4% in Real-World Protection, as well as demonstrating zero false positives. In the Performance Test, ESET also achieved the lowest system impact score of all vendors, meaning systems are less likely to be slowed down during normal use.

AV-Comparatives’ report commented that ESET’s product is both ”powerful and capable, and certainly able to scale up while also easily up to the task of handling and remediating a significant outbreak.” It also noted the capability of ESET’s product to achieve all of this while remaining highly accessible to users.

Andreas Clementi, founder and CEO of AV-Comparatives, commented that “ESET’s product is very comprehensive and scalable, with a well-designed user interface.”

Continued praise

In addition to the glowing review from AV-Comparatives, ESET Endpoint Security also received a top AAA Rating for Enterprise Endpoint Protection from SE Labs. SE Labs tested anti-malware from a range of the world’s leading vendors to judge how effectively products were able to detect or protect against a mixture of targeted attacks.

Simon Edwards, Director at SE Labs, commented that the robust nature of testing ensures tests are “as realistic as possible, and that ESET’s products stood up to the challenge.” This includes tests focusing on attacks aimed at individuals and organisations, as well as threats affecting the wider public. Threats were introduced in a realistic way via websites or emails, with ESET Endpoint Security stopping all public threats. ESET also received a perfect score of 100% for legitimate accuracy as well as the second highest protection rating of 97%. This latter score is based on points earned from detecting threats as well as blocking or neutralising them.

Commenting on the recent acknowledge from industry tests, Juraj Malcho, CTO at ESET, said “the success reflects the level of skill and effort ESET puts into each product to ensure excellence for the enterprise customer. At ESET we are extremely proud of our impeccable detection rates, while always working hard to ensure our platforms are highly usable for our customers.”

We have also continued to demonstrate our commitment to the enterprise sector with the recent launch of our new line of enterprise security solutions. These products, including ESET Dynamic Threat Defense and ESET Security Management Centre, have been designed to equip businesses with tools for prevention and management of cyber risks on a global scale. Catering to the diverse requirements of enterprise customers around the world, while offering bespoke solutions, ESET’s latest product line ensures top-quality security for businesses.

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