October shows what ESET has brought to security for Windows

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People don’t often feel the need for a cybersecurity solution until it is too late, ending up with their sensitive data in someone else’s hands. With people creating and storing data across an ever-growing variety of devices, it is becoming easier for cybercriminals to target users.

According toStatista, in seven years there will be over 75 billion devices daily connecting to the internet. This, whether we want to believe it or not, poses a potential threat to anyone and everyone’s security. As the number of devices increases, so do the amounts of personal and sensitive data shared. With a doubling or tripling of the number of devices, hackers no longer need to ‘dig’ for data, instead they can focus solely on prioritizing the most valuable bits. And, since people usually do not see the importance of having a strong security solution, they may rely on their default protection.

However, ESET security products are built to provide an advantage, delivering protection via multilayered security that can stand up to the latest and most advanced threats. Case in point was 2017’s addition of UEFI Scanner, which helps keep your security environment a step ahead of cybercriminals. Just weeks ago we detected the first “in the wild threat” to the UEFI boot up process.

Now, via our latest consumer products we’ve brought features like ‘Security Report’ to the table. This enables users to see what ESET’s solution has been actively detecting, blocking and mitigating in the background while the user’s computer is running smoothly without impacting performance.
Other notable additions include:

·         Product recommendation –  Spreading the word about how much you love ESET will get you rewarded. For each friend you refer, you get one month of free protection. You can share your unique referral link easily through the product interface.

·         Improved installation time – 40% faster installation-time based on the set-up of the device. The installation of new ESET products will now only take a couple of seconds. Already known for their high speed and low system impact, ESET products are now even quicker.

·         Connected home monitor – (* ESET Smart Security Premium) –Now allows users to test router-connected smart devices for vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords, and suggests possible fixes. It also allows users to scan for port vulnerabilities, known firmware vulnerabilities, malicious domains, weak or default router password, and malware infections.

·         GDPR Compliance – GDPR, in effect since March 2018, has put directives in place to govern how companies have to handle data. As such, the latest release of ESET's consumer products have been developed for the GDPR environment.

Great options exist to secure your IT. Choose from three different antivirus/antimalware solutions: ESET NOD32 Antivirus for basic protection, ESET Internet Security with additional layers of security, and ESET Smart Security Premium for those seeking the most advanced protection.