ESET’s Partnership with AFC Bournemouth

Enjoy the best football experience, safeguarded by award-winning digital security. Whenever technology enables progress, ESET is there to protect it.

Our mission: Progress. Protected.

ESET is a global leader in digital security, dedicated to keeping people safe online. Our mission is to empower people to embrace the potential of technological progress without fear of security compromise or business interruption.

The Internet has transformed our lives, and football is no exception: streaming matches on the go, connecting with fellow supporters, and staying up to date with match statistics. ESET partners with AFC Bournemouth to provide digital matchday content during the premiership season as well as activities at home games.

ESET’s work with AFC Bournemouth

We’re proud to be working with AFC Bournemouth to spread awareness around digital security issues.

AFC Bournemouth Community Trust

ESET supports AFC Bournemouth Community Sports Trust in delivering workshops to local schools on how children can enjoy and explore the full potential of the digital world safely - a sentiment echoed in our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Safer Kids Online.

AFC Bournemouth Women’s Team

ESET are committed to protecting the progress of women’s football following the fantastic success of the lionesses. Our partnership with AFC Bournemouth Women’s team will help further boost the profile of the sport, support the community and inspire younger generations.