Recognizing three decades of progress in IT security

Although looking back on important milestones is always worthwhile, we believe the greatest adventures still lay ahead. Join cybersecurity leader ESET, scroll down to share your wishes and show the global ESET community how you Enjoy Safer Technology. Shape the next three decades of progress and innovation in IT security with us!

Cybersecurity festival of the year

Click the video to watch how ESET offices across the globe are honoring three decades of continuous progress. Cheers!

Hidden Bits & Bytes of Cybersecurity

  1. Prototype

    The predecessor of ESET's most popular antivirus solution -ESET NOD32 Antivirus- was created in 1987.

  2. 1st Virus Discovery by founders

    The first virus discovered by ESET co-founders Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka was dubbed Vienna.


    ESET started selling its first retail product -STOPVIR- in Austria.

  4. Genesis of the name ESET

    The founders, decide upon the name ESET, an abstraction of the Egyptian goddess Aset –or- Isis.

  5. Foundation of the company and IT Security industry

    ESET lays a cornerstone for the IT Security Sector, establishing one of the earliest Antivirus Brands and one of the first IT firms in the former east bloc.

  6. First Virus Radar

    Among today’s most popular resources about current cyber-threats, Virus Radar was originally established as part of a successful daily newspaper in Slovakia. From this point on, ESET began regularly updates the industry and wider public on threats detected by its technology and its growing research team.

  7. First NOD goes on sale

    First retail version of NOD32 goes to market under the name NOD iCE.

  8. Entry to VB100 testing

    ESET NOD32 Antivirus enters the newly created comparative testing of Virus Bulletin and earns its 1st VB100 Award.

  9. Advanced Heuristics

    ESET introduces Advanced Heuristics throught its whole product portfolio.

  10. ESET LiveGrid

    ESET introduces Cloud Malware Detection in the form of ESET LiveGrid under its original name ThreatSense.Net, in the same year as well pioneers object reputation technology.

  11. ESET protects half the planet

    ESET technology and products are distributed in more than 100 countries globally, offering its protection to over half the planet.

  12. Exploit Blocker

    ESET introduces Exploit Blocker to its product portfolio. The feature monitors typically exploitable application and on top of particular CVE identifiers it focuses as well on exploitation techniques.

  13. ESET joins Top 5 Endpoint Security Vendors

    ESET ranked 5th Largest Endpoint Security Vendor in 2013 by IDC. In the same year ESET introduces Advanced Memory Scanner, a unique ESET technology which effectively addresses an important issue of modern malware – heavy use of obfuscation and/or encryption.

  14. ESET earns first Peter Ször Award

    The ESET research team from Canada, received the first ever Peter Ször Award at the 24th Virus Bulletin International Conference for their paper on Operation Windigo.

  15. ESET scores a Top Five

    In 2015, ESET was named one of the Big Five in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 CE.

  16. ESET employees in Numbers

    As of January 2016, ESET had over 1300 employees globally.

  17. 100th VB 100 Award

    ESET NOD32 is the first product to ever receive 100 VB100 Awards.