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What happened at Black Hat... isn't staying at Black Hat

Here's our recap of 2017's conference highlights.

Knowledge is power is security

Join Tony Anscombe, ESET Global Security Evangelist and Industry Partnerships Ambassador, for a recap of the 20th Black Hat.

Watch the exclusive overview from Robert Lipovsky's and Anton Cherepanov's presentation from Black Hat 2017, the full paper of which you can find below.

Spotlight on ESET research

Win32/Industroyer: A new threat for industrial control systems

Read this comprehensive white paper on the biggest threat to industrial control systems since Stuxnet.

Is machine learning cybersecurity's silver bullet?

So-called Next-Gen vendors want you to believe they have the cybersecurity magic bullet. ESET prefers the fact-based approach.


We believe knowledge leads to better security—so we want to share ours, with free Threat Intelligence reports. Submit a suspicious file and we'll send you a custom report.

Is it malicious? What do our technologies know about it? If we don't know, you get to name it!

ESET Threat Intelligence Service

Cloud-based ESET Threat Intelligence closes the gap between the cybersecurity information that security engineers get from their own networks and the cyberspace intelligence that ESET collects worldwide.

With ESET Threat Intelligence, you get detailed, actionable reports, including targeted malware early warning and botnet activity report.

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