Cloud Backup Storage

Your data is irreplaceable. If you don't have copies of your files, a system or disk failure can be devastating.

3 min read

3 min read

How you can lose your data

Human error

Carelessness or lack of knowledge are the most common causes of data loss

Disk failure

In the event of a disk failure, you're unlikely to recover more than 40% of your data

Malware attack

Backup is the only reliable means of data recovery after a ransomware attack


Computers and other devices can easily be damaged or destroyed


Laptops, tablets, USB sticks and portable hard drives are easy to steal

System failure

Even a 'minor' system error can result in the total loss of your data

Cost of data loss


hard drives fail in the United States each week


of SMBs that lose their data will shut down within six months


is the average cost per lost or stolen record

How to protect your data

  • Store your data in two separate locations. If one server fails, your data will remain safe
  • Make sure your file transfer takes place via the SSL transmission protocol
  • All data should be encrypted using the same AES 256 algorithm that banks rely on to secure financial transactions

Take steps now to keep your data secure 

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