Your data is your business.
Secure it!

Wouldn’t it be great to hold the 10 keys to effective data protection? You can—with Data Protection For Dummies. This 61-page e-book for SMBs is concise, relevant, engaging and free!

Use this e-book brought to you by the ESET experts to:

  • Choose the correct data security measures for your company
  • Comply with the latest data regulations (without tearing your hair out)
  • Keep your business from being targeted by cybercriminals
  • Minimize effects of any data breach or loss

Take a peek inside:

  • Starting out with data protection – first steps
  • Assessing data security risks – here’s how
  • So many data protection tech choices – what works for you
  • Turning chaos into organization – best practices
  • Combining it all – the keys to effective data protection

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