Exclusive: ESET T1 2022 Threat Report

Keep up with the latest cyber threats and global trends with this in-depth report from ESET researchers.

What's new in the world of cybercrime?
Use these insights to be prepared.

Topics include:

Cyberwarfare continues in Ukraine

Hear about multiple cyberattacks connected to the ongoing war that ESET researchers analyzed or helped to mitigate—including the resurrection of the infamous Industroyer malware, attempting to target high-voltage electrical substations.

Crypto malware targeting Android & iOS devices

ESET uncovered a sophisticated scheme that distributes trojanized apps posing as popular cryptocurrency wallets. These malicious apps were able to steal victims’ secret seed phrases by impersonating Coinbase, imToken, MetaMask, and more.

Recent research findings

Our researchers uncovered—among other things—the abuse of kernel driver vulnerabilities; high-impact UEFI vulnerabilities; cryptocurrency malware targeting Android and iOS devices; and APT campaigns. See what to watch out for.

Email threats on the rise

Email threats grew by 37% in T1 2022 – the largest increase in this category since 2020. Threat activity peaked in mid-March, driven by mass-scale email campaigns of the notorious Emotet, relying on malicious Microsoft Word documents.

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