Cyber security skills shortage ahead of GDPR

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There has been a skills shortage in cyber security for some time now, but is it getting worse? And could this cause issues with GDPR?

We wrote about a shortage in cyber security skills roughly this time last year, which you can read here, unfortunately the situation doesn’t seem to have improved.

This is particularly concerning because GDPR is just around the corner and a strong knowledge base is going to be key ensuring companies achieve compliance with the new regulation.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, discusses the problems surround cyber security skills in a constantly evolving landscape.

 “Skills in the cyber security industry are actually a lot harder to fill than many other “skill based” roles.

“The trouble with cyber skills is the ever-changing landscape, the attack vectors and indeed the means of attack change so quickly.

“The typical cyber security specialist needs to learn in the field, they need to adapt real-time and often quickly, a skillset that is not always easy to learn.

“The plus side to this is the ability to mould yourself in the field that excites you the most.

“With so many different avenues for growth, the ability to specialise in one field could be easier in this particular industry if you have the passion to succeed.

“As the landscape morphs and changes new opportunities or roles will manifest themselves just like the DPO (Data Protection Officer), an increasingly important role with the upcoming GDPR.

“The skills shortage in this industry will for a lot of businesses in the UK be a very real concern. It will only be compounded by the threat of potentially crippling fines and a lack of skilled professionals able to offer the expertise needed.”

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