Cyber theft overtakes physical theft

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For the first time on record digital theft has overtaken physical theft, this amid concerns over malware like Wannacry, Spectre and Meltdown.

According to a report from Kroll, 86% of companies have reported that they experienced one or more cyber incidents in 2017.

According to Kroll’s data this means that digital theft has overtaken theft of physical assets for the first time on record.

Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, discusses the results of the survey and suggests simple ways that you can better secure your precious, valuable data.

“These findings do not surprise me at all.

“From the viewpoint of the thief digital bounty has no real boundaries, it’s not like a physical bank where guards, CCTV and of course staff are very vigilant in keeping everything safe and secure,

“Attacks can happen from anywhere in the world, multiple attempts may and can occur daily or even hourly, just waiting for that one successful network or systems breach, and once in they may be able to operate without notice, moving data to their chosen location under the very noses of the owners.

“Data always has and still does come at a high value, some data is worth money on its own, some will form a foundation to amass a value but either way it will continue to be very enticing fruit for the malicious actors involved,

“Protecting against data loss is not always easy but building a good solid foundation of multi-layered protection is a good start in keeping your company safe,

“Enforcing updates and upgrades as they become available, regular updating security software along with good practices and policies will strengthen your fortifications against both physical and digital threats from anywhere in the world.”

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