ESET Version 8 has launched!

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Version 8 of ESET’s award winning NOD32 and Smart Security launched yesterday. Here is a quick rundown of what’s new. With pictures!

The new version of ESET’s splendid AV comes with an enhanced Exploit Blocker and brand new Botnet Protection.

Our Exploit Blocker works to catch sneaky malware that’s specifically made to evade AV software; eliminates lockscreens and Ransomware; protects the most vulnerable applications including web-browsers, PDF readers and Java-based software.

Botnet’s have been in the news a fair bit recently due to the Shellshock vulnerability revealed in September. A Botnet is an amalgamation of “Robot” and “Network”. Essentially a Botnet is a network of computers that have been infected and can then be used to send spam or launch other malware attacks.

Without further ado here is the picture I mentioned, detailing the key features of ESET Version 8.