Version 10: Home Network Protection

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ESET Version 10 release is drawing closer and with some fantastic new security updates, we break down what they are, how they can defend your device and why it’s important to stay protected. Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, informs us about Home Network Protection.

ESET Version 10 launch is on the cusp of release and we are giving you a sneak-peek into what it will include. With our IT Professionals and researchers working hard to make sure they are at the forefront of security and one step ahead of potential hackers, we are adding essential extra layers of protection.

Alongside improved performance and our award-winning virus detection rates we are introducing five new features in Version 10: Script-Based Attack ProtectionWebcam Protection, Home Network Protection, ESET Secure Data and ESET Password Manager.

ESET IT Security Specialist, Mark James, informs and educates us on what Home Network Protection means and why it is important to protect your device.


What is Home Network Protection?


There is a surprising amount of malware that can exploit weaknesses in your router to launch attacks including; router firmware, open or insecure ports, malicious domains, DNS server reputation, and router web-server vulnerabilities, to name a few.

Even if you aren’t sure what some or any of the above are, the long and short of it is that your router can be vulnerable to attack and that is exactly what Home Network Protection is there to counter.

“Home network protection shields your WI-FI router from threats specifically targeting that device, it also gives you a comprehensive view of who is currently using your Wi-Fi, thus enabling you to determine if your router has been compromised.”


What does it combat?


Home Network Protection defends against Malware accessing multiple devices over the Wi-Fi.

“We often lower our defences when we are using our seemingly safe home machines while surfing and using the internet. This may include online shopping, banking or just managing our day to day expenditure, we also are more likely to store private and or confidential information on our machines at home assuming its very safe in our own homes.

“There may be many reasons to target your network, this may be to gain access to your files stored locally on your machines, or even to interrogate the data travelling between all the machines using your internet connection.”


Why is it important to protect your device?


“When we use our laptops, tablets, phones and desktop machines at home we often use a central network for internet usage. With so much data moving in and out it’s important we protect that data from thieves just like our physical belongings; all data has a value to someone somewhere.”


How it will run on your device:


Home Network Protection Access gives you the ability to see what devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network and test for vulnerabilities in your router itself.

Available with: ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium.

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