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ESET Version 10 release is approaching and with brilliant new updates to keep you ultra- protected. We break down what they mean and how they protect you and your device. This focuses on the Webcam Protection, and everything this covers.

ESET Version 10 launch is on the cusp of release and we are giving you a sneak-peek into what it will include. With our IT Professionals and Researchers working hard to make sure they are at the forefront of security and one step ahead of potential hackers, we are adding essential extra layers of protection.

Alongside improved performance and our award-winning virus detection rates we are introducing five new features in Version 10: Script-Based Attack Protection, Webcam Protection, Home Network Protection, ESET Secure Data and ESET Password Manager.

ESET IT Security Specialist, Mark James, informs and educates us on what Webcam Protection means and why it is an important way to protect your device.


What is Webcam Protection?


“As more and more malware is capable of compromising your laptop computers, we need to consider the privacy risks involved in Webcams and microphones. These integrated devices are often overlooked as a security hazard.”

That is the core function of Webcam Protection: ensuring that when you are using your computer or laptop your privacy is not compromised by anyone taking, or sharing, photos, videos or voice recordings of you taken without your permission.

It monitors processes and applications which have access to your webcam, such as Skype or a game, and informs you if a potentially unwanted program seeks to gain access to your webcam or microphone. You can then choose to allow or deny access.


What does it combat?


It protects against malware trying to access your webcam, taking videos and pictures, which could potentially be used for extortion or blackmail, or simply posted online against your wishes.

“Malware often has no specific target, and often it infects many machines, sending this information back to servers. The data is then collected and stored for later use, some is sold, but more importantly you need to remember that all information has a value.


Why is it important to protect your device?


It protects against unauthorised access to webcams on laptops or monitors with built-in webcams, as well as external USB webcams you may use with your PC. The software notifies you when a potentially unwanted application tries to access the webcam.

“Apart from the obvious privacy concerns of thinking you are alone and safe you need to consider audio and your surroundings, things you discuss or even information you may have written down within easy reach may reveal things about your privacy you want to keep safe.


How it will run on your device:


When using a webcam, a notification is displayed when a potentially unwanted application is trying to run on your system - you have the option to block or allow.

Available with: ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium.

We are loving the new additions, but if have any further questions please let us know via Twitter @ESETUK

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