ICYMI: Patches, Cyber Security IQ Test and Trouble for British Consumers

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Are patches enough to plug vulnerabilities? What’s your cyber security IQ? What happened with TalkTalk, M&S and British Gas?

For widely used pervasive software like Adobe Flash Player and Java patching is a necessary but often obnoxiously frequent practice.

For example Oracle released patches for 154 vulnerabilities in Java and many other products recently. Flash on the other hand released a patch which almost instantly needed to be patched again.

Finding and patching vulnerabilities is a crucial part of cyber security but are companies doomed to constantly be playing catch-up? Read more here.

We recently released a Cyber Security IQ test which ended up highlighting a disturbing lack of basic cyber security know-how in 1000 participants.

For example only 29% of participants understood the need for complex passwords longer than 12 characters and 23% believed that having anti-virus software meant they were fully protected online.

Do you think you’ve got good cyber security knowledge? Why not try your hand at our test here.

As you have likely heard TalkTalk suffered a data breach almost a fortnight ago. Since then there have been arrests and many disgruntled customers looking to jump ship.

M&S also had a few issues, although not nearly as bad. Their website was showing users trying to login the personal information of other users.

Last but not least British Gas warning 2200 of its customers that there login details had been leaked online. British Gas has stated that they haven’t suffered a breach and the details likely came from a different website on which their customers used the same username and password or from phishing attacks.

Read more about all three of these stories here.

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