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Samsung’s SmartThings Hub is the latest Internet of Things device to have some serious vulnerabilities.

It’s not the first and it certainly won’t be the last, but Samsung’s SmartThings Hub, which can manage and monitor various IoT devices, is the latest smart device to display some significant vulnerabilities.

With the popularity of smart home devices and newer devices like smart locks hitting the market, it’s more important than to ensure that your smart devices are as locked down as possible.

Jake Moore, ESET IT Security Specialist, looks at how you can reduce the risk associated with smart devices.

“As with all IoT vulnerabilities, most risks can be reduced with simple procedures such as changing default passwords and secret answers.

“However, manufacturers need to realise that security by design should be paramount. By forcing us to change passwords from the offset would be a quick and easy way to mitigate a certain level of risk.

“We all know that '123456' and ‘admin’ as passwords don't cut it. Hackers will attack any possible flaw or vulnerability in a system and usually know about it way before the public is made aware.

“Learning how to maintain the security of IoT devices is key. Consumers need to protect their IoT devices the same way they would their smartphones, tablets and home computers.

“Look for ways to set strong passwords, reading the manuals for instructions on how to lock down these devices. Research any apps associated with these devices by reading their reviews and clean out old apps too.

“Many of us tend to keep apps indefinitely, even if we don't use them, so check your devices periodically and delete apps you no longer use.

“Before you purchase an IoT device, do a search to see if it has had security problems and if it can be easily hacked.

“And always change the default setting on your home router. This is the gateway from the outside internet to your local network so keeping this secure will be your best defence.”

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