ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Version 9 Release

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As of 13th October ESET Smart Security Version 9 and NOD32 Version 9 are available for download. New features include a new GUI design, Banking & Payment protection and a file Reputation Evaluator.

October 13th marked the official release of version 9 of both ESET Smart Security and NOD32 Antivirus.

Some of you may have participated in the public beta for version 9 and we certainly didn’t ignore the feedback.

Whilst maintaining our signature low system footprint and award winning level of protection we revamped the GUI, added new features and introduced several significant improvements under-the-hood.


What’s new?


The first change you’ll likely notice is the redesigned graphical user interface or GUI. With pure usability in mind and support for right to left languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

The big new feature in ESET Smart Security version 9 is Banking & Payment Protection. Banking & Payment Protection puts an extra layer of security between your accounts and any would be cyber criminals.

Banking & Payment Protection detects when users visit online banking websites and ensures that any transactions are processed in a secure environment.

We maintain a database of internet banking sites and switch to Banking & Payment Protection automatically. You can also manually start the secure browser for other payment gateways such as eshops.

Botnet Protection detects and blocks communication with major botnets including Gameover Zeus and Conficker, ensuring that your computing resources aren’t being used for nefarious acts.

The Network Signatures extension to Botnet Protection allows for faster reaction when blocking malicious traffic coming to and from users PCs related to bots and exploit packs.

ESET Smart Security 9 collects and stores these signatures in the cloud. With these signatures Botnet Protection can now react much more quickly to eliminate any malicious activity.

Our new Reputation Evaluator leverages our cloud-based file and URL reputation system ESET LiveGrid when assessing the risk-level of files.

ESET LiveGrid is an advanced early warning system comprised of several cloud-based technologies. LiveGrid allows for effective detection of emerging threats even before regular signatures are delivered to users’ computers.

A new simpler installation process and changes to how licencing works make ESET Smart Security and NOD32 the simplest they’ve ever been to use whilst keeping you protected online.

When installing Version 9 you might also need to convert your username and password into a valid licence key here.

For a quick summary of all the changes check out the infographic below.

Click here for a guide on upgrading your ESET product.

Have you downloaded version 9? Did you participate in the beta?

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