Why you need a password manager

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With an average of 200 online accounts to create passwords for, using a password manager is a modern necessity.

Research from Dashlane in 2015 estimated that the average internet user in the UK had 118 accounts registered to a single email address.

That number is thought to be growing by 14% per year, so in 2019 an average user may have somewhere in the region of 200 (personally I already have ~360) accounts to create unique passwords for. That’s assuming you only have one email address!

Memorising that many passwords isn’t something that you can be expected to do, which is exactly where password managers come in.

As ESET Security Specialist Jake Moore explains, password managers are designed to do the heavy lifting of creating, storing and protecting your most important accounts.

“From online clothes shops to your daily news, everything we do on the internet requires a password, how are you honestly expected to remember them? Well, there’s an easy way.

“Password Managers enable you to do exactly that: every single login can have a complex, unique password and you don’t have to remember it. You don’t actually need to make it up either, the manager will do it for you.  

“If you have a digital life then a password manager will help you organise it. Once you’ve got it up and running it’s virtually hassle free and an absolute must these days.”

That isn’t all password managers are capable of either: you can securely store credit card or bank information so you don’t have to rummage around in your wallet to find your payment details. 

Really any important information you may need but want to store securely can be put into a password manager and all you have to remember is a single ultra-secure master password. 

Do you use a password manager? How many accounts do you have stored? Let us know on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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