A roadmap for MSP success in 2023

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One of the areas where businesses prefer going the MSP route is digital security. According to the 2022 ESET SMB Sentiment Survey, businesses prefer having an MSP take care of their security or at least part of it. Furthermore, one-third of SMBs are already using enterprise-grade solutions, such as XDR, EDR and MDR services, and another third are planning to start using them in the next year. 

Recently, ESET conducted an SMB survey in Europe and North  America which clearly showed that some of the security sentiment driving SMBs to opt out of on-site security solutions is a lack of employee cyber awareness, the threat of nation-state attacks, coping with the hybrid working model, as well as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) threats. Data breaches also tend to be caused by the improper deployment of solutions and product vulnerabilities. And so, most SMBs want cyber help, preferably by outsourcing their cybersecurity to experts.

Watch ESET´s VP Michal Jankech, together with Larry Walsh, CEO of Channelnomics, on BrightTALK, talking about the challenges facing SMBs and how MSPs can give them solutions for their exact needs. Watch the full webinar by clicking this link.

Larry Walsh, CEO of Channelnomics, says there are three things MSPs need to focus on to cater to their SMB customers. The main and most important one is user experience. Customers want an experienced service provider as well as a good solution. They are willing to pay more to get the experience, which ultimately grows the MSPs’ revenue. The first time a customer looks for a solution, they make a choice based on price; however, renewal is often based on experience.

The second thing is marketing and communications, which for an average MSP, tends to be weak. End users want more than just features, they want to be informed, and they want to understand and feel connected to their MSP.

Last but not least is conservation and optimisation. The coming year will be hard for most businesses, MSPs included. They, just like any other business, need to think about their budget and spending, optimise processes and reduce complexity, and then translate all of that into the customer experience.

How does ESET support your business?

The ESET MSP Program focuses on balance, giving you the ultimate carefree experience in cybersecurity. It provides flexibility, a unified ecosystem, automation and integration. We deliver state-of-the-art MSP solutions that can help your optimisation through a combination of our long-standing use of machine learning and AI-based technologies, cloud reputation system, ESET LiveGrid, and the human expertise offered by our tightly knit community of digital security leaders. Further optimisation comes from the low system footprint our solutions leave on your business, allowing for more energy efficiency. All of this powers the world’s most formidable multi-layered cyber threat prevention, detection and response platform – ESET PROTECT. 

ESET PROTECT includes a sophisticated XDR module called ESET Inspect. ESET Inspect brings enterprise-grade security and risk management capabilities, including advanced threat hunting, incident response, full network visibility, and more. It helps to identify security breaches and conduct a forensic investigation, including root-cause analysis. It also enables the ESET PROTECT platform to give the user full visibility over the response. This will increase your and your customers’ protection and will enable you to deliver MDR-like services.

“We are fully committed to protecting our customers, the customers of our MSP Partners and the progress that our technology enables for them. Because we don’t compromise efficiency on behalf of quality, our solution is really uniquely balanced, and I mean a balance between its prevention, detection and response, or in other words - XDR, responsibilities. All elements must be done equally well to offer true protection,” said Michal Jankech, vice president of the SMB & MSP segment.


For more information, watch our full webinar on BrightTalk here.