5 secrets for success: Tips for ESET partners

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Rain Networks CEO Robert Siemons, third from left, at ESET's North America Partner Conference.

By Robin Dishon, Senior Writer, ESET

We asked the co-founders of ESET Platinum Partner Rain Networks, Nathan Ware and Robert Siemons, for insights into building a successful business. Here are some of their top recommendations.

1. Employee training is key. Our employees are trained in all of our security solutions, so our resellers know that when they call us, they can ask direct questions and we can compare and suggest products.  We do a lot of webinars, and we use the ESET Partner Center a lot. We run internal SPIFS to encourage people to get in there and get training (for example, sales certifications and technical certifications).

2. Trials = sales. Have prospects try the product; it will speak for itself. Tell your prospects, “Go ahead and try three or five products, we think you’ll be happy with ESET.“

3. Compare and contrast. First, let them try the product. Second,ask them directed questions such as, “Compared to what you used in the past, what was your experience with ESET?” That will give you the opportunity to educate them about the differences in the products. Next, provide the product and cost analysis between ESET and the other solution.

4. Promote Rip and Replace. For a lot of prospects, it would take a lot of manpower to do the displacement; it’s a huge matter of time and money. Be sure that prospects know about ESET Rip and Replace, which includes complete removal of the incumbent solution and rapid deployment of ESET with no interruptions or reboot necessary.  ESET does all the work.

5. Address next-generation AV questions.  Someone might say, “How does ESET compare to next-gen and heuristics?” We’re able to say, “ESET has been doing heuristics since day one. ESET has been part of ‘next gen’ as long as I’ve known them!”  And, it’s the fastest AV,  hurts performance the least, it's great at ransomware detection, it's user friendly and has the all-in-one remote console. These certainly go a long way when talking to customers.

Bonus Tip: Don’t underestimate the power of pizza. To promote a recent webinar, Rain Networks offered free pizza and delivery anywhere in the country for the first 10 resellers to sign up. Needless to say, it was a big success.

You can find out how you can do more with ESET by becoming an ESET partner or asking your ESET sales representative for details.

To learn more about Rain Networks, visit https://rainnetworks.com/