Enterprise-grade security management solution

ESET Security Management Center

Real-time visibility for on-premise and off-premise endpoints as well as full reporting for ESET enterprise-grade solutions—all from a single pane of glass securely deployed on premise or in cloud.

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Complete network visibility

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Full security management

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Flexible reporting

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Security management automation

From prevention to response

The management of our Endpoint Products is combined with our Endpoint Detection and Response solution - ESET Enterprise Inspector, and our sophisticated cloud sandbox - ESET Dynamic Threat Defense - into a single easy-to-use management console. ESET Full Disk Encryption is available as console's add-on.


Single-click threat remediation

From the threats tab, you can create an exclusion, submit files for further analysis or initiate a scan from a single click.

Dynamic and custom reporting

The ESET Security Management Center provides more than 170 built-in reports and allows you to create custom reports from over 1,000 data points.

Fully-customizable notification system

The notification system features a “what you see is what you get” editor where you can fully configure notifications for the exact alerts you require. 

Fully automated VDI support

A comprehensive hardware detection algorithm is used to determine the identity of the machine based on its hardware. This allows automated re-imaging and cloning of non-persistent hardware environments.


Organizations need to know when unapproved software has been installed and have the ability to remediate the situation.


  • Set up a dynamic group within ESET Security Management Center to look for a specific unwanted piece of software.
  • Create a notification to alert the IT department when a computer meets this criterion.
  • Set up a software uninstall task in the ESET Security Management Center to execute automatically when a computer meets the dynamic group criteria.
  • Set up a user notification that automatically pops up on the user’s screen indicating that they committed a software installation violation.

The ESET difference

Single pane of glass

All ESET endpoint products running on Windows, macOS and Linux can be managed via the ESET Security Management Center. In addition, ESET Security Management Center supports full mobile device management (MDM) of Android and iOS devices.

Flexible install

ESET Security Management Center can be installed on Windows, Linux or via virtual appliance. After installation, all management is done via web console, allowing easy access and management from any device or operating system.

Granular policy control

Organizations can set up multiple policies for the same computer or group and can nest policies for inherited permissions. In addition, organizations can configure policy settings as user-configurable, so you can lock down any number of settings from the end users.

SIEM support

ESET Security Management Center fully supports SIEM tools and can output all log information in the widely accepted JSON or LEEF format.

AV Comparative Award 2019

ESET #1 in AV Comparatives Performance test in May 2019.

SE Labs Award - Endpoint protection AAA

ESET achieves highest score in SE Labs test in Q1 2019.

AV for Mac Comparatives 2019 Advanced

ESET Endpoint Security was named the best business antivirus for MacOS.

VB Award - spam+ verified

ESET ranked highest final score by VBSpam test in June 2019.

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  • ESET Endpoint Security
    Award-winning multilayered technology combining machine learning, big data and human expertise.
  • ESET Dynamic Threat Defense
    Cloud-based sandboxing technology detects never before seen or zero-day threats.
  • ESET Enterprise Inspector
    EDR tool detects APTs, targeted attacks, file-less attacks plus risk assessment, forensic investigation.
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    Fast, seamless customer support for all new deployments or upgrades.

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