Slow computer? Got a virus?

With priority access to the ESET Support Services team, your computer will be running like new.

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Computer tune-up

Get your computer or device running smoothly with optimization to enhance speed and efficiency.

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*Computer tune-up is currently
unavailable for Mac OS X

Virus removal

Get rid of malware fast while improving the security of your identity and digital information.

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Call (866) 944-3738

Tune-up + virus removal

Improve device performance with malware removal, device optimization and computer tune-up.

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Call (866) 944-3738

How the process works

An ESET support specialist takes control of your device remotely.

System scan and diagnostics identify any malware infection or need for optimization.

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All malware is removed and/or device is fully optimized.

Protect your device from future threats with ESET security software

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