Malware Researcher

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Praha, Brno, Jablonec

Job description

The main thrust of the job is, you may have guessed it, reverse engineering. You will be analyzing newly discovered malware samples and write the technical descriptions of the malicious programs as you analyze them.

What does working as Malware Researcher entail?

Your primary goal is to uncover what the given malware does. Often you will need to drill down to the details, uncovering more of what it actually does, how it does it and for what aim it was designed. In some cases, you will put on your detective hat, pondering what’s behind not only the malware sample but also what’s behind the entire malicious operations. You will be closely monitoring different threat actors running campaigns against high value targets worldwide. Your primary goal is to uncover and document the different TTPs used by these actors and help grow our threat intelligence feeds. In order to achieve this, you will gather intelligence from our internal data stores as well as use open source ones.

In some cases, you will be cooperating with law enforcement, CERTs or the victims of cyber attacks themselves.

A significant part of your job will be writing reports on your findings, some of which will be published on our blog platform, and presenting the research findings at international conferences.

Where do Malware Researcher work?

Malware Researchers work under the Security Research Laboratory, which we refer to simply as “the VirusLab”. Some of us work on analyzing malicious code, others track entire malicious operations, looking at how they function. Other colleagues are involved in detecting malware through various methods, including automatic systems that utilize various internal technologies or involve machine learning. Our analysts and engineers have extensive experience with reverse engineering techniques, and analysis and detection of malicious code on a range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, OS X and mobile platforms. Our global teams also comprise experts on online threats, software vulnerabilities and exploits which are used by malware authors to infiltrate and abuse systems.

Technologies used in the job:

As a malware researcher, these will be the tools of your trade: IDA Pro, OllyDbg, Hiew, WinDbg, Kibana, Impala, MISP, YARA, SysInternals tools, Wireshark, Python, SQL, IRC. But of course not everyone works in the same way: you can choose your own arsenal.

You will also rely on powerful internal tools, developed, tweaked and improved over the years to assist you in performing your awesome research in an efficient way.

Are you cut out for the job?

A diploma is neither a sufficient nor a necessary precondition to succeed with us. We think that what really makes a good researcher is the ability to understand the inner working of compiled software. To be able to do this, understanding assembly language is required, so being well-versed in this regard is a must if you want to join our team.

A common pattern of successful Malware Researchers in our team is their strong interest in breaking things to learn how they work, solve challenges such as Crackme’s in their spare time as well as participate in (or even organize) CTF competitions.

Aside from machine language, strong written and spoken English communication skills are required. Because our research is meant to be published to the world, we regularly prepare blog posts, whitepapers and conference presentations. Traveling to interesting international destinations in order to present our findings to our peers is not uncommon.


  • Support in personal and professional development - opportunities to attend various trainings, courses, conferences or meetups
  • Attractive financial bonus paid twice a year based on your performance
  • Financial support in case of life milestones (wedding, childbirth)
  • Complementary retirement savings contributions
  • Fully covered 120 CZK/per day meal vouchers
  • Transportation benefit
  • "Refer a friend" benefit - the opportunity to receive a financial bonus when referring a friend for an open vacancy
  • Available home-office days - 12 days per month
  • Fully-paid 3 sickdays
  • Mind’n’Soul Program - free helpline and counselling in personal and professional development
  • Sport activities support
  • Fresh fruit, tea, coffee, non-alcoholic beverages - you can find them all in every kitchen
  • Casual, friendly, open culture with no dress code
  • Participating in company events
  • Opportunity to use company common areas (terrace, relax zone, library) for a chill time and meetings with colleagues
  • Volunteering and opportunity to participate in various CSR activities
  • Loyalty program - extra vacation days and financial bonus after working at ESET for 5 and more years

ESET Research Czech Republic

The beginnings of ESET date back to 1987, when two young programming enthusiasts, Peter Paško and Miroslav Trnka, wrote a program for the detection of one of the world’s first computer viruses. They did not know that they had created one of the most successful antivirus programs in the world – dubbing it NOD. In 1992, together with their mutual friend Rudolf Hrubý, they formally established ESET.

What started as the brainchild of a few friends has evolved into the most valuable international brand of any Slovak company. Today ESET’s NOD32 technology protects over 100 million users across the world.

This success did not come overnight. The company’s global success and growth was given a boost in 1998 with its first “VB100” award from the prestigious Virus Bulletin magazine. Since then, we’ve received this accolade more than 100 times.

Today, over 1,700 employees around the world drive the company’s success. Throughout the company’s expansion, we have stayed true to the principles on which we were founded, and we remain independent in order to continue to meet new challenges.

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