The ESET Advantage

A history of success… A record of excellence… A future of unparalleled protection.

ESET technology

Detecting threats the others miss

As leaders in the field of proactive threat protection, we develop software that reacts immediately to new and emerging threats. In short, we protect users in real time.

We ensure superior protection by using two methods of detection (comparing known virus signatures plus using heuristics to anticipate new ones) instead of one. That’s how our products detect and destroy threats that others miss.

Built to run unnoticed in the background, ESET security solutions deliver ultra-fast scanning with an extremely low system footprint.  That means you’ll never have to compromise fast performance for effective protection again.

ESET Threat Center

ESET LiveGrid®, used in all our antivirus products, protects you 24/7 by predicting trouble before it happens. Using our unique® advanced early warning system, ESET LiveGrid collects data submitted by ESET users worldwide and sends it to our malware research labs for analysis.

ThreatSense® is the anti-threat engine that powers all ESET products and results in fast reactions to emerging threats.

Sample submissions from customers, distributors and partners are an important source of new malware. Other sources of samples include sample exchange or active “honey pots” (computer systems specifically set up to invite attacks and provide info on how systems are attacked and where they are vulnerable).

Part of ESET’s online Threat Center, the Threat Encyclopedia features an A-Z guide of selected viruses, spyware, and other threats, sorted alphabetically. Updated frequently, it includes definitions of hundreds of viruses and how they behave.

ESET vs. the competition


It’s no contest

ESET offers numerous advantages over the competition, ranging from scanning speed and detection accuracy to ease of use. Our solutions are particularly well-known for these three qualities:

  • Light footprint (under 90 MB) that keeps systems running fast and interruption-free
  • Proactive detection and elimination of new and emerging threats
  • Easy-to-use remote management from a single console via Remote Administrator


An industry record: 97 VB100 awards and counting

VB100 comparative testing is a regular independent comparison of antimalware solutions conducted by Virus Bulletin. The VB100 award is a certification of products which meet the basic standards required to be recognized as legitimate and properly functioning antimalware solutions.

ESET has the longest unbroken run of VB100 awards for malware detection of any internet security vendor in the world - we've passed every test since 2003.

To display a VB100 logo, a product must prove that it can detect 100% of malware samples listed as “In the Wild” by the WildList Organization, and generate no false positives when scanning an extensive test set of clean samples.

Detection techniques

Multiple techniques for detection

All ESET products use heuristics to detect viruses, Trojans and other threats. The use of heuristics is a technique that implements a set of guidelines or rules in order to problem-solve efficiently.

The primary advantage of the heuristics-based model is not only its ability to detect variants or modified forms of existing malicious programs, but also new previously-unknown malicious programs.

Virus signatures
Virus signatures are specific to unique viruses. As ESET’s scanning tools find malicious objects, these newly created signatures are then packed together and released to our users in the form of a Virus Signature Database Update. These updates are rolled out several times a day to all ESET users, 24/7/365.

Generic signatures
As the first step towards proactive protection, ESET analysts create generic signatures that make it possible to capture a larger group of malware, including undiscovered variants of known malware. Generic signatures are signatures that are specific to certain types of behavior, rather than a specific, individual item of malware.

Code analysis
ESET solutions enhance detection by analyzing files for any resemblance to known malicious code samples before virus signatures can be developed. Based on the code's behavior, ThreatSense® determines whether the given sample poses a threat and immediately flags or eliminates all harmful applications.

ESET subjects suspected malicious code to active monitoring, while it is executed in a protected environment (also known as a sandbox). Based on the code’s behavior, ThreatSense® determines whether the given sample poses a threat and immediately flags or eliminates all harmful applications.

Layered protection

Multiple layers of protection

Protects you from attempts to acquire passwords, banking data and other information by fake websites masquerading as legitimate ones. At ESET, we maintain and constantly update an extensive database of fraudulent websites, and invent new ways to detect phishing sites based on their malicious behavior. That way, they’re blocked if you happen to come across them.

Antispam detects and deletes spam before it reaches your inbox to help prevent clutter. It also filters out unsolicited email messages, scams, phishing, and fraud to protect your computer, identity and personal information. Enables spam rules to be set up according to country code, language, character sets and other parameters that you can choose.

Botnet protection
Short for "software robot," a bot is a program that performs a set of malicious actions as instructed by its operator(s) from a computer it has invaded. It’s commonly used by an attacker to take control of a user’s computer and use it to spread viruses, send spam, infiltrate networks and more. A botnet is a group of computers that have been set up to forward these transmissions to other computers on the Internet.

HIPS (Host Intrusion Prevention Systems)
This powerful tool monitors entry points into the system (and specific system activities, such as process creation, driver loading, etc.) and blocks suspected intrusion attempts (or prompts the user to allow or reject a suspicious activity).