A comprehensive security ecosystem is essential for every home

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After a year in which we relied heavily on our computers and phones to stay connected, the time spent in apps on a day-to-day basis, and even the number of devices that we used, became greater than ever. When it comes to families, this means there is often a single person taking responsibility for the safety of multiple household devices, which all need easy and straightforward security management.

With the tide of cyberattacks presenting a formidable foe over the past year, ESET understands just how crucial it is to provide users with the confidence to use the internet safely and keep everyone’s devices secure. That’s why the latest version of ESET’s consumer security suite focuses on making it easy to manage your household’s security whenever and wherever required. Launching October 19, 2021, the upgraded lineup of consumer products—ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security® Premium—boasts a host of new features and improved protection.

One of the key benefits is ESET HOME, a new ecosystem that provides users with a streamlined interface and user experience to protect their household devices. ESET HOME gives users comprehensive oversight of all their ESET solutions for Windows and Android devices. The platform connects ESET products in one place, giving users full visibility of the current protection status of the various devices connected to their account, as well as the status of licenses they use or own.

The way people interact with online services has changed dramatically in the past decade: we spend more time on our phones than on PCs or laptops, and we want to be able to enjoy any digital service or product on the move, anywhere and at any time. Designed for use on the go, ESET HOME is available both via a web portal and as a mobile app for Android and iOS, allowing users to receive critical security and license notifications at any time.

New device? No problem. Using ESET HOME, protection for new devices can be easily shared without typing the license key or login credentials. Licenses can be upgraded, renewed, and shared with family and friends. All you need to keep yourself and your family’s devices protected are their email addresses.

On top of that, parents can use ESET HOME (via the web portal) to monitor their children’s online activity and control their screen time in Parental Control. If a device has gone missing, users can also track it down with Anti-Theft.

In addition to connecting products to the new management ecosystem, ESET is focused on improving user protection and delivering the best technologies in the cybersecurity industry. This is demonstrated by the integration of LiveGuard into ESET Smart Security® Premium. Lifeguard provides an additional proactive layer of protection against never-before-seen types of threats, shielding users from the malware before its code executes. This service, personalized for each user, handles a wide range of file types, including documents, scripts, installers and executable files. Suspicious files are run in a safe sandboxed environment.

On top of this, Password Manager, also available to ESET Smart Security® Premium users, has been completely redesigned for improved security and ease of use. Password Manager is available in all major browsers as a browser extension and on Android and iOS devices as a native application. New features include support for KeePass and Microsoft Authenticator.

Banking & Payment Protection has also seen further improvement. Designed to protect users’ financial data during online banking transactions and online payments against keylogging and other threats, this feature gives users the option to run any supported browser in hardened mode all the time by default. The protection also extends to a number of popular web-based cryptocurrency wallets.

Ransomware Shield, which monitors and evaluates applications to protect against ransomware attacks, has been bolstered with enhanced behavior-based detection techniques, while Exploit Blocker has been improved to cover additional malicious techniques.

Finally, ESET NOD32 Antivirus has been ported to ARM64 and is available through the beta channel.

To find out more about all the new features and improvements coming in the latest version of our consumer offering, click here.