Small companies, big threats: Why this new cloud solution is right for you

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While it’s easy to think of large-scale organizations as prime targets for cybercriminals, the truth is that companies of all sizes—large or small—are under threat.

In fact, it was recently revealed that nearly one in five small and medium businesses (SMBs) has fallen victim to an external security threat in the past two years, while nearly half (44 percent) believe they could face a cyberthreat in the next 12 months. With cost of breaches reaching as much as $65,000, and with attacks only becoming more frequent, SMBs can no longer afford to ignore putting cybersecurity measures in place.

The issue is, however, that many SMBs do not have the resources, budget or skills to tackle the rising threat of cyberattack. For nearly every SMB, the goal is to find a security solution that meets business needs, at an affordable price—one that is easy to deploy and use, and one that has minimal impact on their business processes. In short, they’d like to buy and forget, safe in the knowledge their data is protected.

A helping hand

To address the unique IT security challenges faced by SMBs, and remove the complexity associated with cybersecurity, we have introduced ESET Cloud Administrator, a cloud-based remote security management solution.

Designed for businesses with up to 250 endpoints, ESET Cloud Administrator protects laptops, desktops and servers as well as endpoints in remote locations, and acts as a “central remote control,” allowing centralized management of ESET security products. As a cloud-hosted service, the solution offers SMBs a convenient, hassle-free service, with the ability to connect to and from any device or location.

In addition, ESET Cloud Administrator also offers visibility of threats without the need to directly inspect endpoints. It fulfills the reporting role for security incidents and overall performance of ESET security products installed within the company network. The intuitive interface and simple endpoint deployment help employees who handle IT tasks to manage security without the need for extensive IT skills.

Keeping down the costs

As well as ease and simplicity, cost is another key consideration. Optimizing cash flow is critical to the success of any SMB, and we are seeing that an increasing number of companies are seeking a more service-oriented model, that doesn’t require additional equipment, in an attempt to reduce total cost of ownership.

With ESET Cloud Administrator, no management server installation is required; it’s ready to be used right out of the box. The solution also carries out upgrades in the background without the need for an administrator’s input, minimizing disruption to the business. What’s more, it doesn’t require additional IT staff or hardware, which also reduces costs significantly for the SMB.

In today’s complex digital landscape, it’s important to note that for small companies, the threat of cyberattack is a big deal. And while securing your business in this precarious environment may, on the surface, seem like a daunting prospect, help is on hand to ensure your company’s reputation and your customers’ data is protected.