Ways to protect against WannaCry ransomware

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In the wake of the initial WannaCry ransomware attack on May 12, we’ll be publishing news and updates. Here’s the latest:

As mentioned in a previous blog post, ESET detects and blocks the WannaCryptor.D threat and its variants. ESET currently detects ransomware behavior as FileCoder, and all ESET products provide multiple layers of technologies to protect computers from this infection.

Take these steps now

We strongly recommend using the best practices in this ESET Knowledgebase article for enhanced security. 

How ESET technology protects businesses

See the infographic below to see how all ESET solutions use multiple technologies for effective protection, including Advanced Memory Scanner, ESET Cloud Malware Protection System, and Exploit Blocker.

Additionally, ESET Endpoint Security/ESET Internet Security software provides an extra layer of protection with Network Attack Protection. This technology is able to block the exploit utilized in the spreading of WannaCry, Eternal Blue.

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