Episode 1 – These Crazy COVID-19 Times

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Ranson Burkette and Tony Anscombe

Show notes 

During the inaugural of the ESET Podcast, Speakeasy Security, hosts Ranson Burkette and Tony Anscombe introduce us to the unfolding world of cyberthreats occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tony highlights that the public need to be more vigilant about their security than ever as Phishing Emails and Business Email Compromise are on the rise. Phishing Emails request users to click on a link that takes them to a compromised site that the attackers control to grab your personal information or install malware. Business Emails Compromise are a scam where they try to get the user to transfer money to a particular business, i.e., a supplier looking for you to transfer money.

Tony also ranks the three (3) most important items to protect from COVID-19 scammers and the number one thing people should learn from scammers.

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