ESET Endpoint Security receives top performance score according to AV-Comparatives

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AV comparatives and ESET logo

AV-Comparatives recently published a special Network Performance Test commissioned by ESET, wherein six major business security suites were tested. The Network Performance Test compared resource utilization and management by six endpoint security solutions testing their impact on valuable business resources such as network traffic and machine load (CPU and RAM). Updates that are large in size have direct ramifications on company networks, reducing valuable bandwidth that could be used for other business critical functions.

“ESET is well known for being extremely light on system resources,” said Andreas Clementi, CEO at AV-Comparatives. “The results of this recent test only validate that ESET business products deliver what they promise – protection with no load on network systems.”

Among the competitors tested, which included Symantec, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, McAffee and Sophos, ESET recorded the lowest combined idle traffic, consuming only 0.2 MB, compared to more than 2500 MB of idle traffic created by Sophos. Large traffic has the potential to negatively impact network performance.

ESET achieved the highest ratings in an additional test determining the file size of client-side definitions.  Compared to Symantec, whose virus definition file size is 700 MB, ESET’s is 10 times smaller. This result is another confirmation of ESET’s key benefit to IT and network administrators – the small footprint on network traffic. Large virus definition file sizes can drain a company’s network and lead to latency issues.  ESET Endpoint Security runs smoothly, having minimal impact on business environments. 

The implications of the tests transcend all industries and convey a simple conclusion: Using a lightweight endpoint security solution which delivers high detection rates is key for companies of all sizes. Customers benefit from having their endpoints running effectively without the drain of large file sizes affecting system resources and network bandwidth.

Learn more about ESET Endpoint Security here.