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Since 2016, schools at every level have seen an increase in the number and sophistication of cybersecurity incidents. Many of these incidents were significant, resulting in school shutdowns and student data breaches linked to identity theft and credit fraud.

ESET is committed to building solutions for K-12 and higher education to address each of today’s security challenges—from protecting virtual classrooms and securing PII to satisfying regulatory compliance.

Protection of sensitive data including employee and student records, medical information, Social Security numbers and payment accounts. 

Complex compliance, auditing and reporting requirements driven by CIPA, HIPAA, PCI and more.

Strict budgets that limit spending on new hardware, software and upgrades.

Equipment ranging from legacy hardware and multiple OSes to the latest mobile devices.

Users and equipment in a range of locations, with the need to protect both school-issued and personal devices.

Endpoint protection and management via on-premises or cloud-based console.

$3.9M—Average cost of a data breach in the education sector.

Ponemon Institute. Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020.

Nearly 40% of K-12 cyber incidents included data breaches and leaks, while approximately 12 percent involved ransomware.

The K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center. The State of K-12 Cybersecurity: 2020 Year in Review.

In 2020, the FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued a warning that showed a nearly 30% increase in ransomware attacks against schools.

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency. Alert (AA20-345A). December 2020

Between 2016-2020, there were a total of 1,164 publicly-disclosed incidents involving 988 education organizations across all 50 states.

The K-12 Cybersecurity Resource Center. The State of K-12 Cybersecurity: 2020 Year in Review.


Protect your endpoints, student and teacher data and intellectual property with ESET’s multilayered technology. The ESET PROTECT platform offers customizable security solutions that are easy to manage from a web console available in convenient bundles.

In addition, these solutions are compatible with both Windows and macOS for seamless integration into your existing systems and are manageable via the cloud or on-premises.

Modern multilayered endpoint protection featuring strong machine learning and easy-to-use management.

Best-in-class endpoint protection against ransomware & zero-day threats, backed by powerful data security.

Complete, multilayered protection for endpoints, cloud applications and email, the number one threat vector.

All-in-one prevention, detection & response combining enterprise-grade XDR with complete multilayered protection.


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We chose ESET because of deployment, cost of the suite, and overall effectiveness. Not to mention the awesome ‘low footprint’ of ESET. In the past three years, we have caught and stopped over 140,000 infections. Protection of that level speaks for itself.

Eric Wells

Director of Technology
Muskogee Public School District

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