Secure your hybrid cloud office: Here’s how

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More and more ESET customers are embracing the flexibility and convenience of hybrid cloud computing—but are also concerned about effective protection for data, devices and applications.

To support those with a “cloud first” approach, we’ve developed ESET PROTECT, the security management solution with features designed specifically for the challenges of the hybrid office. Join this webinar to learn how ESET PROTECT helps align your on-premises and cloud solutions while also providing options for added protection via encryption and cloud sandbox analysis. Topics include:

  • Threats and concerns related to the hybrid office model
  • ESET Cloud Office Security: Preventive protection for Microsoft 365
  • The latest on ransomware and zero-day exploit protection
  • Migration/upgrades to ESET PROTECT for current customers (includes how-to demo)

Wednesday, July 14
11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET
30 minutes, 15 min Q&A