Siegeware: What this Twist on Ransomware Means for IoT

What is siegeware—and what does it have to do with the internet of things?

The functionality of many buildings—such as the ability to control room temperature, door locks, elevators and alarms—is controlled by software known as a Building Automation System (BAS). These smart systems are convenient, but also vulnerable to cybercriminals who can hack in, take the controls and threaten building shutdowns in an attempt to extort money. “Siegeware” is the term coined by ESET senior security researcher Stephen Cobb to describe this emerging threat.

In this webinar, he’ll discuss:

  • What this new form of cybercrime means for businesses worldwide
  • Why BAS software is so vulnerable to attack
  • How to reduce risks for your organization
  • Looking ahead: The implications of IoT as an attack vector