Threats Roundtable: Advanced Malware Threats and Trends 2017

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Angler, Magnitude and Neutrino are on the decline. AKBuilder and Terror EK are on the rise. Shamoon 2 is back. Drive-by downloads never went away.

And that's just for starters.

Nearly 1.4 billion data records were stolen or lost during 2016almost double the number of the previous year. The Internet of Things was used in October to deny web access to millions of users. What's next, and how you're going to respond to it, has become a critical security question.

Join this roundtable including: Robert Westervelt (IDC Industry Analyst), Ben Reed (ESET Senior Technical Content Strategist), Stephen Cobb (ESET Sr. Security Researcher), Lysa Myers (ESET Security Researcher), and Alexis Dorais-Joncas (ESET Security Intelligence Team Lead), for a discussion on the latest threat trends, how they're spreading, and how best to prevent or contain them. Among the issues covered in this webinar:

  • Which current threats, attack techniques and malware are the most dangerous
  • Why banking trojans have become a threat to every industry
  • Recommended best practices by each type of attack or breach
  • Updates on the cyber kill chain model and its effectiveness
  • Ramifications of failing to comprehend or investigate threats

Don't miss this chance to hear expert insights on the year's biggest cyberthreats and the most effective responses. Your company's future may depend on it.