Trendspotting 2022: ESET’S cybersecurity forecast

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ESET’s 2022 cybersecurity forecast is here!

Join the conversation about news, trends and predictions—ranging from the demise of the password to global attempts to outlaw ransomware.

ESET trendspotters, including Chief Security Evangelist Tony Anscombe and Senior Marketing Manager Amelia Foss, will cover these topics and more:

It pays to be informed, so get the latest insights on this burgeoning threat at ESET’s next webinar. Topics include:  

  • The Colonial Pipeline attack resulted in huge lines at gas stations and turned ransomware into a political issue. Governments worldwide will push new legislation, perhaps prohibiting ransomware payments altogether.
  • As the cyber insurance industry reels from skyrocketing ransomware payouts, be prepared for higher premiums—and understand the heightened cybersecurity requirements to qualify for coverage.
  • Microsoft has removed their reliance on passwords, allowing users to switch to other kinds of authentication. Is your organization ready for such a change?

Duration: 30 minutes, 15 min Q&A