Keep your business strong with a security checkup.

Your IT security is key to the health of your business.
We'll make sure yours is up to the challenge with a free, customized checkup.

ESET's here for you

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything about the workplace. Each day, you face new challenges and situations—especially when it comes to IT.

Just remember: You can count on ESET for support, advice and protection. 

ESET: Here today, here tomorrow, here for you.

3 easy steps to a secure workplace

Schedule your Health Check

To get started, contact ESET to schedule your security checkup with an ESET expert and discuss any current needs or concerns.

Participate in Health Check

Get one-on-one assistance with everything from optimizing your ESET solutions to solving specific challenges in your workplace.

Complete followup

After your checkup, we’ll follow up with you to see if you have additional questions or need information on ESET products and services.

Specific solutions for remote workforce security

ESET Endpoint Protection

Perfect for your remote workforce: Deploy to Android, PC & iOS in minutes. Secure data and devices for all your employees—wherever they are.

ESET Full Disk Encryption

Keep data unreadable by unauthorized users by encrypting system disks, partitions and entire drives on PCs and laptops.

ESET Secure Authentication

Protect open source VPNs and block unauthorized access to employee devices, which are vulnerable to loss or theft, with this easy-to-implement two-factor authentication.

ESET Dynamic Threat Defense

Improve your protection against ransomware and other threats transmitted via emails and fake websites by detecting and blocking malware before it can execute.

Your security is only as strong as your weakest link

Your employees impact the health of your business even more than your technology.

So make sure they have the knowledge required to keep your organization safe.

ESET Cybersecurity Awareness Training provides in-depth, online instruction to educate your workforce—and dramatically reduce your risk of data breach.