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  • 2FA: Extra Security for Free?

    Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is a simple, and often free, way of adding an extra layer of security to many online services. But what is it and what services can you get it for?

  • Passwords: How secure are yours?

    Everyone has passwords everyone needs them. But how good are you at making secure, difficult to guess and difficult to crack passwords?

  • Can traditional AV defend against APTs?

    Lieberman Software Corporation conducted a survey in which 78% of IT security professionals say they are confident that traditional AV and Firewalls can protect against APTs. What are APTs? And how…

  • A Life Sentence for Cybercrime?

    Further to the Q&A with Mark James, ESET security specialist, I decided to have a look at a bit of public response and hold an open discussion with my colleagues on the subject of cybercrime and…

  • Possible Life Sentence for Cyber Criminals

    British law makers are considering moving the upper limit for serious hacking offences to “14 years and life imprisonment”. Can the law ever appropriately combat the ever evolving field of cybercrime?

  • Phones held for Ransom by Koler Worm

    A new variant of the Android based malware Koler can be spread via text messages. Koler is a piece of Ransomware that holds your phone hostage until the author is paid. With comments and advice from…