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  • Microsoft combat scams

    Microsoft are taking aggressive action against scammers, who use their good name in order to trick the unwary. With complaints racking up, Microsoft want to stamp out scams.

  • Instagram mass deletion

    It’s being dubbed the “Instagram rapture” – perhaps the kind of over dramatism you might expect from social media. Instagram deleted millions of accounts that were apparently posting spam.

  • Hacking and its real-life consequences

    Increasingly we are seeing hacking have impactful “real-life” effects and consequences: first Sony pulled The Interview and now South Korea is on high alert after hackers breached a power plant. Is…

  • Wearable Tech! Wearable Security?

    Wearable tech is going to be big business in 2015: from the Apple smartwatch to Google Glass. But what about wearable security? Mark James talks about a couple of the latest entries.

  • Big Business and Social Media

    A recent piece of research, released by Proofpoint, has revealed that a significant number of the social media accounts claiming to be from Fortune 100 are actually unauthorised and fake. Mark James…

  • Prediction for 2015

    Mark James, ESET security specialist, guides us through some of his predictions for 2015, including wearable tech and even more mobile malware.